The first volume of stories has been published by Material Media and will be available online and in bookstores in March of 2017. However, advance copies can be purchased and delivered to you from Material Media now.


Foy's boyhood home. Fort Davis, Texas.

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-1-16-29-pmThe Foy Davis project has been ongoing since I published the first story online in 2004. Since then I’ve written forty stories about this man from his birth to the year 2021 when Foy turns sixty. I’ve even written about his death, though I’m keeping that one to myself for now. I think I’ll know when it’s time to publish that final story.

Some of the stories are closely linked, though each can be read on its own. But most of the stories stand alone and are scattered throughout this man’s life with no thread connecting them apart from larger themes that I’m happy to let you discover on your own.

The stories can be read in any order. You come to know Foy the way you come to know any person. We are never presented with an orderly timeline of someone’s life. You begin to know a person by combining your shared experiences with the stories she tells you about her history.

My intent is to continue my journey with Foy, writing up and down the timeline of his life, filling in gaps that answer questions about him, and seeing where his story eventually leads us.


Gordon Atkinson