I began writing Foy Davis stories in 2004. Each story represents an episode in this man’s life. Because of the way the stories are written, you can read them in any order. You get to know Foy the way you get to know any person. We are never presented with an orderly timeline of anyone’s life. You have to get to know them by piecing together your experiences of them over time.

Some of the stories are closely linked. In one case three of the stories form a trilogy, though each can be read on its own. But most of the stories stand alone and are scattered throughout this man’s life with no thread connecting them apart from larger themes that I’m happy to let you discover.

You’ll meet Foy in the first story you read. If he intrigues you, read more stories. At some point you’ll feel as if you know this man.

Sometimes people ask me what I’m going to do with these stories. All together they are long enough for a novel. But I’m not inclined to think that a novel is where this writing is going. I think the stories will remain in a collection of some kind. I think this website is a good home for the collection for now.

Gordon Atkinson